Software development services have emerged as one of the strongest areas to associate with the latest technologies and get full advantage of growing virtual market. In today’s competitive world, software development services serve as the best way to match your step with the changing demands of millions.

The various activities which are undertaken when developing software commonly modeled as a software development life cycle.

The software development life cycle starts with requirement phase and ends at implementation .

Offshore software Development

It is a process or activity that aims at building and maintenance of software by the use and integration of different tools and technologies by outsourcing the development work to any other company that is outside the boundary of your own country. Its main purpose is to reduce the cost and development time and also to increase the quality of Service.

Offshore Software Development is an ongoing market strategy that has become very popular with time as it helps the companies to focus on their main business and also help to provide additional services without much investment and human resources.

Services in application development and Methodlogy

Software companies follows some methodology which is step wise process to develop a project involving usage of programming language for creating solutions. These steps covers the extent of examining, designing, developing, testing, documenting, implementing, and evaluating the complex subject of software engineering. A software developer work concentrates in reducing the risks involved in the project management. If the project runs for a longer duration of time, there are higher chances of risks being faced by the software development team. To lessen these kinds of risks involved, developers have discovered an agile framework, which tries to finish off the software development in the least amount of time.

Agile software development is a group of software development methodology based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross functional teams.

Agile framework reveals improved ways of developing software, wherein the requirements and solutions develop through team work between self-organizing and cross-functional teams.

What Ribha Software Consultancy Services Provides

Ribha Software Consultancy Services' Assurance Services provide complete suite of services across the test value cycle. This includes consulting, functional, non functional and test support services.

Application development

Many businesses are Focusing in Software Application Development to get rid more human power and to run their business in more systematic way when compare to their competitors hence in this competitive Scenario.

By Keeping in View of above points Ribha Software Consultancy Services Has The wide range of services catered includes client server application, web development applications, object oriented software, Intranet Application Service, CRM Solutions, Portal Solutions, Custom components and libraries and much more.

Our Team identifies the right software as per business requirements and will have initial consultation to identify the needs and improvement areas. By identifying such areas, we will help businesses to design custom-made development plan to develop a solution as per specific business requirements and needs. They will provide appropriate suggestion to either choose waterfall or agile development methodology so as to enjoy flexible, scalable and intuitive development solutions for the business which in turn, businesses will likely to open new ways to earn higher returns out of their investment.

Application maintenance

Maintenance is necessary after the development of a successful project. It is obvious that changes occur once the project is handed over to the end user. The developers must develop the project in such a way that it is adaptable to those changes.

The main operation of the software must not be affected by those changes. It is necessary for the client to be aware of all the phases of SDLC so that they can get to know about the status of the project under proposal.

The client must also be aware of various operations performed under various stages. This would enable them to handle the project with ease. This also helps them to collect good

Application Re-Engineering

Application Re- Engineering will provide better results deprived of any business changes. To successfully implement a thin delivery chain, you must be willing to compel to important redesign of current business and product process. Reorganization and improving business and manufacture process should be an essential piece of administration strategy for bettering business functioning.

Application Re-engineering explicates how to identify and analize fundamental appendages, how to understand what needs to be secured, how to know who should be involved, and how an effective application should spread out. When planned properly and executed, a physical process redesign attempt will result in a thin supplying chain, with predictable, speed information and textile.

Ribha Software Consultancy Services Application Re-engineering methodology uses the more exact process measuring, gained by the work flow instrument, to improve the efficiency, potency and flexibility of the work flow. The methodology consists of different phases and several measures, together with associated information group to ease its implementation. Using the proposed methodology, a case study was held to improve the processing of online equipment manuals.

Custom Application Development

What does your company want to achieve? This is the first question to be raised when you choose Custom Application development, Most of the Companies or businesses show’s more interest in this type of Application, why because the Company wants to show the change and in mean while the company should Keep in view about the Employees why because as they are already Habitant to earlier application again it will Take time to train if we approach for the new Application development, hence the custom application development makes the required changes and also remains the needed Applications.