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Domain Services @ Ribha

Ribha Software Consultancy Services maintains highly qualified engineers who have sound knowledge about Domain Registration, Domain Hosting, and more.

Domain Registration Services

Ribha Software Consultancy Services (RSCS) is accomplished for registering several domains to its credit. With increased influx of online businesses, there are millions of domains yet to be registered. At Ribha, we assume 100% responsibility to register your domain successfully. Attract target audience to your business for maximum enhancement with successful domain name registrations.

Give below are the general freebies we provide whenever you choose our domain services.

  • Domain forwarding
  • Email forwarding
  • DNS Management
  • Domain Protection
  • Secured Privacy

Domain Hosting Services

Ribha domain experts are well aware of the domain hosting services to be provided. Registered with ICANN as the fully accredited service provider, we understand the customized requirements of hosting domains for our valued customers. We support multiple programming languages in the process of ensuring the best hosting of domains for you.

Here is what we support through our domain hosting services.

  • Ensures cPanel/Plesk Panel for easy management of domains
  • Customization of blogs such as WordPress, b2evolution
  • Diverse range of shopping designs like osCommerce

The freebies obtained for customers who host their domains on servers are as listed below.

  • We update our database with mobile-friendly templates
  • We assure flexibility for safe uploading of files with FTP


Ribha domain experts are capable of providing top-notch services to you be it domain registration, and domain forwarding besides protecting and hosting. Some of the benefits are as listed below.

24/7 Customer Support

Instant solutions to complex problems are provided by engineers at Ribha as far as domain registrations, domain hosting, and other such services are considered.

Competitive Pricing

We, at Ribha, have cost-effective pricing structure reflecting the exact services and valuable solutions you must obtain as per the need.

Interested in our Domain Registration and Hosting services? Get back to us with your requirements.